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NEC SL2100 - Rodine Communications
(970) 522-5097 rci@rodine.com

NEC SL2100

The SL2100 is a slightly larger system that has many of the same features as the SL1100. This system would be ideal for a small to medium-sized business. A few of the benefits of this system are the self- labeling VoIP phones and the ability to link 4 branch offices to the main office.

  • Auto Attendant
    • The Auto-Attendant feature means that callers receive a greeting and are routed to the correct department, ensuring that I only get the calls that are meant for me.
  • Conference
    • The conference feature allows you to effortlessly set up a virtual meeting for colleagues at short notice, wherever the are. This enables faster business decisions as well as saving traveling time and expenses.
  • E911
    • The E911 feature alerts me to what user dialed 911 for an emergency on -site so that I can quickly direct first responders.
  • Door phone capabilities
    • Allows me to screen visitors
  • InUC
    • InUC allows users to update their presence status so that other users can see if they are out sick, on vacation or at lunch. Chat also allows instant communications between team members
  • Remote/home Office feature
    • You can use my desktop phone or softphone at a remote or home office location to communicate with customers and colleagues with the same ease as if I were in the office.
  • Caller ID
    • With Caller ID displayed on my handset, I can give the appropriate greeting to callers and redirect calls from familiar numbers straight to the relevant colleague without answering.
  • Web-Based Management
    • Its easier than ever to manage our system setting and making system changes by using the WebPro GUI interface or the PC Pro client.
  • Mobile
    • You can be on the road and stay reachable on the office number through your mobile phone, meaning that you don’t miss any important calls.