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NEC SL1100 - Rodine Communications
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NEC SL1100

The SL1100 is an impressive choice for a small or medium-sized business. This phone system has many features including the ability to link 3 different branch offices to the main office.

  • Door Phone Capabilities
    • SL1100 provides proprietary door-phone terminal connections at your front door. Additionally, if nobody is in the office, then there is an option that allows you to forward the door-phone to your mobile/home phone.
  • Voicemail Messaging
    • InMail is more than just a regular voicemail box. It is packed with powerful features, such as Call Record and Message Notification, which makes keeping up-to-date easier than ever- ability to record up to three personalized greetings.
  • Caller ID
    • See who is calling you with Caller-ID-information can be displayed on all SL1100 terminals. In addition, incoming ring tone can be set against specified Caller – ID numbers, allowing identification by ringtone.
  • Group Listening
    • Group Listening function allows you to broadcast your conversations via built-in speaker on the multiline terminal. This enables your surrounding parties to listen to the conversation.
  • Day/Night mode
    • Employers can control Day/Night mode for incoming calls after working hours and at the same time control outgoing calls after working hours. SL100 provides up to 8 system modes which can be switched either automatically or manually. Each mode can be configured to redirect all calls towards specified extensions or groups that match your requirements effectively.
  • Conferencing
    • Join a conference without leaving your desk. This feature allows you to set up a teleconference between internal and/or external parties. (Maximum 16 participants per group, total 32 participants simultaneously) Also, Remote Conference is available for internal and/or external parties to access a virtual conference room with a password.
    • Web-based system management
      • Administration of the SL1100 system has never been easier with its intuitive Graphical User Interface. Your own PC can be connected to the SL1100 to let your edit/change/manage various terminal settings.